Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Human Doings to Human Beings

Planet Earth has been constantly evolving and every major evolution has accompanied a “shift” in the earth bringing about radical change, transforming the very face of the planet.

We too , the product of these major shifts have evolved along the way, but one wonders if we have understood our evolution or comprehended what we have really gained along the way from cave to skyscraper.

As we grew from togetherness and collective representations of ourselves to separation and individual representations of self, we stamped our presence and impact on the world, with what we uncovered, discovered, managed and created. Obsessed with evolutionary growth and in the quest of knowing more to create more, we manifest a world of perpetual striving, struggle, effort and travail. We drive ourselves to master every possible practice, process, skill to create capability and competence to create more and more to announce our greatness to ourselves and others in the quest to be accepted, honoured, recognized, loved, envied and even attacked as a measure of how much we have of what others want.

Our constant pre-occupation is with defining and re-defining ourselves often by the work we do, what we create , who we know, what we can do , in order to give ourselves an explanation about why it is important for us to control and dominate others who do not measure up.

Somewhere along the way we meandered away from the whole and complete people we dreamed to be to the people we are, mere representations of what we do. We transformed from being to doing, perhaps losing the soul of the human being to the shell of a human doing.

You may wonder what lies ahead. Will the world end with the next “shift”, will life as we know it change irrevocably ? We may not be as clairvoyant as some of the “light worker” writers who predict a major earth-shift to a brighter better future, but perhaps we can help ourselves return to the “human beings” we once were and connect our emotional mind-maps in a supportive relational manner that promotes true and fuller awareness, understanding and nobility of purpose to drive us to achieve our dreams of a more humane and integrated world.

Meditation teacher and originator of the Synchronicity Experience, Master Charles puts the whole issue in perfect context when he says, “We must focus on holistic models of reality… truthful, inclusive, love-based ways of being and living. We must invest in Oneness within ourselves… in a more holistic awareness… a more co-creative and mutually supportive relationship with each other and the planet. In other words, we must learn to live with balance and create a balanced world in which life-supporting values and experiences are the primary focus. Love must dominate over fear… truth over illusion… harmony over conflict… experience over concept… and we over me.”

We need to develop and raise our Emotional Intelligence to a level of focus and fluency in managing and directing the flow of energy and information in order to bring about Positive Change in the world we are creating day by day.

Bringing back the “Human Being” in us would need us to unchain and uplift the human spirit to soar with noble purpose and elevate, engage, enrich and enchant our and others lives with applied emotional-cum-social intelligence, balance and integration to deliver the richness and fullness of life.

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