Friday, June 24, 2011

Come September_ An EQ Enchantment with Six Seconds India

Six Seconds India is the INDIA OFFICE of Six Seconds USA which is a global organization supporting people to make a positive difference - everywhere, all the time. Six Seconds is the most extensive emotional intelligence organization in the world. In India , Six Seconds India is based in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India and a mega-metro-city of over 15 million people.

Six Seconds India is founded by Dexter Valles and two partners Sonali Kelkar and Sanjay Dutt - professionals with extensive experience in core industry, international business, higher education, training & development, research and consultancy with some of the finest brands of Corporate India.

Six Seconds teaches emotional intelligence (or "EQ") skills to equip change makers with tools and wisdom so future generations thrive. These learnable skills - including emotional literacy, optimism, empathy, emotional management, and self-motivation - create self-awareness, self-management, and self-direction. Ask yourself a few questions to know if you would like to begin an enchanting journey into your emotional inner world which controls and directs your outer world.

Do you often reflect on...

  • What will make me more fulfilled and effective – at work, at home and the world at large?
  • How do I stay connected with and fervently pursue every moment - what I value, what I dream and what I believe in?
  • What can I do to be able to effectively interact with people – clients, colleagues, family members – that grows them and me together?
  • Is there a way to practically learn from and apply the intelligence of my emotions?

...then welcome to the space of EQ Certification: Applied EQ for Real Change!. This 5-day program (followed by supported personal application methodology) is being hosted by Six Seconds ( from September 19-23, 2011 in Mumbai, India. The program will be delivered by Joshua Freedman, COO of Six Seconds and renowned author of many articles and books including At the Heart of Leadership.

If you are a leader, manager, educator, parent, trainer or facilitator, you will take a powerful personal journey into yourself at this program. The certification will equip you with practical skills and tools to apply emotional intelligence to every area of life. Six Seconds developed the EQ-in-Action model in 1997 to help people put the theory of emotional intelligence into practice. The model integrates leading thinking on the emerging science of Self-Science into a practical, usable, memorable structure. It builds on the latest advances in neuro-sciences to make emotional intelligence accessible and applicable to daily choices.

The program will also be an opportunity for you to get introduced to Six Seconds and its pioneering programs that are helping develop leadership in corporations, strong educational institutions, teamwork, employee engagement, effective parenting and much more.

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