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The “Six-Seconds” Emotional Quotient Certification Program October 25 to 29 2010 @ Mumbai

The “Six-Seconds” Emotional Quotient Certification Program

October 25 to 29 2010 @ Mumbai

Greetings !

How Important is EQ in the workplace ?
Is EQ according to you necessary for Trainers and Corporate Leaders ?
What Difference would EQ make to a business ?

Would Parents and Self Employed Professionals need EQ to survive and thrive ?

What Difference would EQ make to your LIFE ?????

Maybe your answers to these questions would prompt you to reserve a seat at the EQ Certification program in Mumbai being conducted by a specialist Trainer from Six Seconds USA.

The famed EQ Certification program is finally here in Mumbai !

This is to introduce the World's Most Powerful EQ Trainer Certification program we Valmar International are scheduled to host in Mumbai from 25th October to 29th October 2010.

The company is 6 Seconds USA which is the company that propagated the amazing EQ theory developed upon by famed author Daniel Goleman who refers to them in his path-breaking book on the subject.

EQ is an essential tool for every trainer-manager, trainer-consultant and non-trainer professional to be at the cutting edge of success in a competitively driven world. An EQ certification additionally makes one accomplished in combining the EQ credibility and competence with other competences you may have from several personality profiling behavioural tools, thus leading to a more powerful and effective YOU !

The trainer and lead learning facilitator who is being specially flown in from the Global EQ Brand "6-Seconds" Santa Barbara, USA is a renowned specialist in this field.

Marilynn Jorgensen, M.A.

Marilynn is an accomplished educator, consultant, and counselor with over 30 years experience in learning and emotional intelligence (EQ). A Consultant for the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, Marilynn works in education, healthcare, and business to promote effective EQ development programs.

During her 24 years as Owner/Director of Discoveries she developed an innovative educational and therapeutic environment for children, parents and teachers. In addition to her work in Six Seconds, Marilynn is the co-owner of The Emotion Company a ground-breaking company developing emotional intelligence training tools.


QUESTION 1: What kind of Program can be delivered by someone who attends
our program?

You can deliver any soft skills program encompassing EQ because the themes
are necessary in improving behavior and performance. So, imagine these
themes.. self awareness, reading people and our own mood, recognizing
unconscious behaviors in oneself, optimism, empathy, self management and
emotional management, intrinsic motivation and consequential thinking,
finding one's purpose.

QUESTION 2 : What licence does someone get who attends our EQ Cert Program?

6 Seconds certified EQ Practitioner (recognised brand in EQ learning globally)

QUESTION 3 : What kind of content resources would be required from 6 Seconds
SEA or USA to deliver own EQ programs after attending the EQ Cert program.

All the content will be provided during the cert. You can also choose to
encompass your own in it. It won't give you a ready-made 2-3 day program but
you put the materials together yourself which is provided and discussed plus
activities facilitated.



What's the difference between this course and others?


There are several excellent EQ certification trainings on the market, all the others prepare you to give a test. Some of those also have some training component.

Six Seconds' program is the only EQ Certification (that we know of) completely focused on how to develop and implement emotional intelligence. We do review several assessments, including ones that do not require a special certification, but the majority of the time is focused on how to enhance and better utilize emotional intelligence.

In addition, Six Seconds' methodology is unique. The course is highly experiential rather than mostly cognitive. We believe that for someone to train others in EQ, they need to experience the program themselves and develop their own EQ! This allows a trainer to be more genuine, and therefore do better training.

The experiential design also makes the Six Seconds course a valuable experience for people who want to increase emotional intelligence in their professional and personal lives (whether or not they want to deliver training and teaching).


Who is this course for?


The course is designed for internal and external consultants, trainers, program developers, and educators implementing emotional intelligence. Because the course is highly experiential and in-depth, it is also valuable for individuals who want to increase emotional intelligence in their professional and personal lives (whether or not they want to deliver training and teaching).

Delegates have attended from over forty nations and dozens of professions. About 1/3 are k-18 educators, about 1/3 are either consultants or soon-to-be-consultants, and about 1/3 are inside organizations. Delegates come from:

Organizations: finance/banking, health, technology, manufacturing, military, civil service, nonprofits, psychology, behavioral health, veterinary medicine, law, hospitality, and from specialized business units such as call centers.

Education: teacher trainers, teachers from preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, district offices, college, MBA programs, Teacher Ed programs, Psych programs, Vet Med school, Nursing school, and professional training, and grad students.


How will this course help my work?


If you are a consultant or trainer: You will increase your ability to develop and deliver effective emotional intelligence trainings and interventions -- and gain credibility, tools, and marketing presence.

If you are a teacher: You will be better able to teach emotional intelligence skills in your classroom and school -- and thereby likely increase your students' learning and performance.

If you are a manager or leader: You will enhance your emotional intelligence and your understanding of how emotional intelligence can be used to optimize teams and organizations.

If you are a parent: You will understand more about how to develop your children's emotional intelligence and your own -- and you will go home better able to focus on what's most important in your family.

Become a Six Seconds Certified Associate to show you're understanding of our powerful model and pedagogy. Six Seconds is a rapidly growing international organization. Six Seconds is internationally recognized as the premier global provider of emotional intelligence training and materials .

As a Certified Associate, you receive important benefits in your work:

· Identification with an international organization

· System and structure to provide follow-up and professional development; including opportunity to co-present trainings with our team

· Access to powerful training and education tools, including discounts for materials used in Six Seconds Training

· Programs to use with schools, families, and organizations

· Membership in a worldwide network of EQ practitioners

As a certified associate, you are entitled to use Six Seconds materials and procedures in your own training. You also have the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with the organization

Some people seem to see that EQ equals Social skill which really is just ONEdimension. There are SEVEN other key components in the model. This certification is attended by teachers, consultants, psychologists, therapists, would be trainers because it is versatile.

It is the core program of 6 Seconds and has been running since 1997 in the USA and 2003 in Singapore. If one is starting off in EQ, this is the way to go.

Registration for the MUMBAI October 25-29, 2010 Program

To register please email us your details : name, address, organization name and address, contact nos, and confirmation of your participation it to temporarily reserve your seat at the program


601, Rendezvous, Plot 464, 14th Road, Chembur Mumbai 400 071 , INDIA website

The Certification Program has limited seats and therefore do rush your registrations to grab your place at this incredibly powerful certification program.

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