Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ten Tips for a Productive Life

1. Believe in Yourself – You Count !
2. Put Your Entire Energy into What You Do- It’s Your Signature !
3. Value and Respect Others, No Matter Who They Are or What They Do – You Can Learn From Anyone !
4. Experiment and Experience Life – Move Out of Your Shell !
5. Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others – But Do Not Encourage Incompetence !
6. Keep an Open Mind, Learn to Coexist with Differences- In People and their Opinions and Views
7. Take Charge of Your Life – Be Alert at the Wheel, Learn to Accelerate, Chart Your Course, Follow the Signs, Decide Your Breaks, Fill Your Tank and Turn On the Music too !
8. Make Sure You Have Passengers in Your Car too- Carry Others along with you, Create Wealth for Others too !
9. Be Humble Not Arrogant, but Market Yourself Vigourously and Honestly !
10. Keep revisiting Your Goals ( roadmap ) and Keep a Clear Eye on the Road too- Stay Focused on the Present while Working out the Future !

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